KNOX, B: The Norton Book of Classical Literature.

Book cover. The Norton Book of Classical Literature.Knox, Bernard (editor). The Norton Book of Classical Literature. Norton, 1993. ISBN: 0393034267. Like New in as new dust jacket. Hardcover. (#31468) $14.00

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Factory sealed. An anthology of classical literature features more than three hundred selections, including pieces on the origins of the Greek language, works by Homer, discussion on the fall of Rome and St. Augustine, and more. 866p. Measures 6×9.25 inches.

ALFOLDY, G: Noricum; (History of the provinces of the Roman Empire)

Alfoldy, Geza. Noricum; (History of the provinces of the Roman Empire). Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1974. ISBN: 0710073720. Unmarked text. Unclipped dust jacket under clear, archival mylar cover. Some fading and paint on jacket. Marked out name on front end page. Good in very good dust jacket. Hardcover. (#31457) $30.00

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Noricum is the Latin name for the Celtic kingdom or federation of tribes that included most of modern Austria and part of Slovenia. This is a methodological interpretation of literary, epigraphic, onomastic, numismatic, and archaeological sources. Translated by Anthony Birley.

Maps on front and back end pages. 45 figures. Chronological table.

MCEVEDY, C: The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History

McEvedy, Colin. The Penguin Atlas of African History. A Penguin Book, 1980. ISBN: 0140708324. Unmarked text. Some edge wear and a crease on the corner of the back cover. Very good. Paperback. (#31363) $12.00

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Illustrates in a chronological series of maps, the evolution and flux of races in Europe, the Mediterranean area, and the Near East. From 50,000 BC to the fourth century AD. Maps devised by the author and drawn by John Woodcock. Illustrated throughout.