STRELLER, E: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen 1845-1923

Book cover. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen 1845-1923 Streller, Ernst. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen 1845-1923. Bonn-Bad Godesberg: Inter Nationes, 1973. Unmarked. Very Good. Paperback. (#30836) $12.00

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Contributions from Ernst Streller, Rolf Winau, Armin Hermann. Translated from the German by Dawn Thompson. Illustrated. Chronological table. Bibliography. 72p.

Lain in card: “With the compliments of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany.”

RILEY, RQ: Alternative Cars in the 21st Century: A New Personal Transportation Paradigm

Riley, Robert Q. Alternative Cars in the 21st Century: A New Personal Transportation Paradigm. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 1994. ISBN: 1560915196. Unmarked text. Front end page contains the notation #96-003. Very Good in very good dust jacket. Hardcover. (#30803) $12.00

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Offers a look at projections and the concept vehicles of the late twentieth century. Topics include fuel economy, alternative fuels, electric and hybrid vehicles, three-wheel cars, and more.

Illustrated throughout.

LEONARDO JOURNAL: Volume 40, Number 1

Malina, Roger F (editor). Leonardo Journal (Volume 40, Number 1). MIT Press, 2007. Unmarked. Very Good. Paperback. (#30761)

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Editorial by Meredith Tromble McDonald. Endnote by Stephen Wilson. Leonardo Gallery curated by Elysa Lozano and Ines Rebelo. Historical perspective by Robert Gluck. Live Art and Science on the Internet: Special section with Adam Overton, Adrianne Wortzel: Eliza Redux, and Ebon Risher; ArtScience section with Robert Root-Bernstein, Robert Steinberg, and others.

Illustrated in color and black-and-white. 111p.