KRONBORG: The Castle and the Royal Apartments

Kronborg: The Castle and the Royal Apartments. Langkjaers Bogtrykkeri, 1960. Unmarked text. Bumped spine. Good. Paperback. (#30082) $12.00

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Text in Danish, German, French, and English. Black and white plates and castle plan. A UNESCO world heritage site.

Located on a strategically important site between Denmark and Sweden, the Royal castle is of immense symbolic value to the Danish people and played a key role in the history of northern Europe in the 16th-18th centuries. It has remained intact to the present day and is world-renowned as Elsinore, the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

PHYRR, SW: Of Arms and Men: Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan 1912-2012

Phyrr, Stuart W. Of Arms and Men: Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan 1912-2012. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2012. Unmarked. Very Good. Paperback (Saddle Stitched). (#30014)

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Beautifully illustrated. References.

Issued in conjunction with the exhibition “Bashford Dean and the Creation of the Arms and Armor Department” held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from October 2, 2012-September 20, 2013.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Summer 2012. 48p.

MCRAE, L: Handbook of the Renaissance 1400-1600

McRae, Lee. Handbook of the Renaissance 1400-1600. 1999. ISBN: 0962607533. Unmarked text. Very Good. Pamphlet. (#29977) $12.00

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Resource book for quick review by adults and also for students, teachers, parents, and librarians. Illustrated. Timeline. Reading list. Topics include education, women, how people lived, health and medicine, and more. 60p.

Listed with the US Department of Education Clearing House for Social Studies/Social Science education and a part of the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center).