AAAS: Science Magazine (Vol 368, No. 6494, 29 May 2020)

Book cover. Science Magazine (Vol 368, No. 6494, 29 May 2020) Science Magazine (Vol 368, No. 6494, 29 May 2020). American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2020. Unmarked text. Very Good. Paperback. (#30973) $10.00

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Features Bacteria in Tumors, designer antibodies attack cancer, ecosystems responsive to invasive plants, automated synthesis of whole proteins, and more. pp909-1028.

GOTTSCHALK, G: Bacterial Metabolism (Springer Series in Microbiology) (2nd edition)

Gottschalk, Gerhard. Bacterial Metabolism (Springer Series in Microbiology) (2nd edition). Springer, 1986. ISBN: 0387961534. Unmarked text. Very Good. Hardcover. (#30095)

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Emphasis on those metabolic reactions occurring only in bacteria. Also examines pathways used by bacteria for the degradation of organic compounds, the synthesis of cellular constituents, the regulation of bacterial metabolism and the fixation of molecular nitrogen.

204 figures. 359p. Index. Bibliography.

GOLDSTEIN, P: How Parasites Live

GOLDSTEIN, P: How Parasites Live, book coverGoldstein, Philip and Margaret. How Parasites Live. Holiday House, 1976. ISBN: 0823402762. Unmarked text. Inscribed on title page. Dust jacket with closed tear on back. Good in very good dust jacket. Hardcover. (#25872) $12.00

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Suggested reading. Index. Illustrated.

Uses specific examples of parasitic relationships in plants and animals to explore the many aspects of parasitism. Intended for younger readers.