CHARLES COWLES: Stanford Artists in New York (Autumn 1987)

Diebenkorn Plate. Stanford Artists in New York (Autumn 1987) Stanford Artists in New York (Autumn 1987). Charles Cowles, Annex Gallery, 1987. Unmarked. Large crease on back cover. Good. Paperback. (#31117)

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Color plates and photographs. Artists include Ian Banks, Richard Diebenkorn, Tony King, Frank Lobdell, Nathan Oliveira, Robert Motherwell, Dennis Oppenheim, John Spears, Lynn Shelton, and others. 64p. Measures 11.5×9 measures.

BARBER, B: Learn to Draw: 10-Week Course for Aspiring Artists

Barber, Barrington. Learn to Draw: 10-Week Course for Aspiring Artists. Sirius. ISBN: 9781788285469. Unmarked. Very Good. Hardcover. (#31092) $30.00

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Clear step-by-step exercises and inspirational examples. Each week focuses on a different area of drawing, from initial mark-making to portraits and landscapes, allowing the reader to gradually build your skills and discover the subjects of interest. 114p.

Hard cover over a spiral binding, with tabs for each week. Topics include line, shape, texture, form, tone, choosing subjects, and more. Illustrated. Index.

MARSH, J: Sketching Street Scenes

Marsh, John. Sketching Street Scenes. Cassell, 1999. ISBN: 0304351644. Unmarked text. Scratch on back cover. Very Good. Paperback. (#31004) $12.00

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Topics include equipment, locations, subjects, perspective, seasons, times of day, composition, and more. 48p. Measures 8.25×12 inches.