MCKEOWN, RJ: World Studies Inquiry Series: Europe

McKeown, Robin J.; Holman, Stephen R.; Jamieson, Alfred. World Studies Inquiry Series: Europe. Field Educational Publications, 1973. ISBN: 0514022078. Unmarked text. Soft ding on cover. Student identification stamp inside cover is unmarked. Student guide to European Studies in the mid-20th century. Good. Paperback (Saddle Stitched). (#27900) $16.00

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Topics include geography, urban patterns, political patterns, the scientific method, and more. Glossary and student questions. Illustrated throughout, including maps and charts. 160p. Part of the World Studies Inquiry series.

OEKONOMIDES, AL, N: The Acropolis of Athens: A Supplementary Explanation

Oekonomides, AL. N. The Acropolis of Athens: A Supplementary Explanation. N. Gouvousis, 1972. Unmarked text. Number in ink inside cover. Very Good. Paperback. (#27090) $12.00

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Perspective drawing and coloring by N. Gouvoussis. Archaeological documentation and commentary by AL. N. Oekonomides.

Illustrated in B/W throughout. Large foldout map inside back cover. Foldout map opens to 30.5×22.5 inches. 32p.

The Acropolis of Athens: A Supplementary Explanation, inside pages

MERITT, BD: Inscriptions From the Athenian Agora

Inscriptions From the Athenian Agora, book coverMeritt, Benjamin D. Inscriptions From the Athenian Agora. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1966. Unmarked. Very Good. Paperback (Saddle Stitched). (#25234) $10.00

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The 35 inscriptions illustrated/discussed in this book represent a small selection of the many types of written records found in the Athenian Agora.

The texts illustrated include diplomatic agreements, commemorative plaques for athletic victories, records of court judgments, boundary stones identifying different buildings, and fragmentary inscriptions featuring names.