GATRALL, JJA: Alter Icons: The Russian Icon and Modernity

Gatrall, Jefferson J. A.; Greenfield, Douglas. Alter Icons: The Russian Icon and Modernity. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2010. ISBN: 9780271036779. Factory sealed. Like New in as new dust jacket. Hardcover. (#30975) $40.00

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Groundbreaking essays with diverse viewpoints that examine the largely unexplored centrality of the material icon in the imperialist Russian period as well as in the twentieth century. 16 color and 24 black-and-white illustrations. 304. Measures 7.25×10.25 inches.

Contributors: Robert Bird, Elena Boeck, Shirley A. Glade, John-Paul Himka, John Anthony McGuckin, Robert L. Nichols, Sarah Pratt, Wendy R. Salmond, and Vera Shevzov.

Series: Studies of the Harriman Institute, Columbia University.