EQUINOX GALLERY: Invitation: Sculpture (Equinox Gallery, April 5-May 5, 2001)

Cover. Invitation: Sculpture (Equinox Gallery, April 5-May 5, 2001) Invitation: Sculpture (Equinox Gallery, April 5-May 5, 2001). Vancouver, Canada: Equinox Gallery, 2001. Unmarked. Very Good. Ephemera. (#31212) $20.00

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Six-fold invitation for the Sculpture exhibition featuring Lesley Dill, Gathie Falk, Liz Magor, Al McWilliams, Bernadette Phan, Richard E. Prince, Renee Van Halm, and Peter Von Tiesenhausen. 3 color images.

Lain in card measuring 3×4 inches reads: “Liz Magor is the recipient of the Governor General’s Award in Visual Arts. Please join us to celebrate this prestigious award at the Sculpture opening, Wednesday, April 4, 6-8pm”

Card. Invitation: Sculpture (Equinox Gallery, April 5-May 5, 2001)

DYCK, S: Howie Tsui’s Horror Tales

Plate. Howie Tsui's Horror TalesDyck, Sandra. Howie Tsui’s Horror Tales. CUAG (Carleton University Art Gallery), 2009. ISBN: 9780770905323. Unmarked. Very Good. Accordion Book. (#31083) $20.00

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Accordion book. Catalog for April 27-June 14, 2009 exhibition at the Carelton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.

This exhibition centered upon his large-scale drawings and wall paintings and is presented in the form of Ming Dynasty scrolls. Curated by Sandra Dyck. Essay by Eily Falvey.

Vancouver artist Howie Tsui (Tsui Ho Yan), born in Hong Kong in 1978), was raised in Lagos, Nigeria and Thunder Bay. He works in a variety of media.

RUWEDEL, M: Westward the Course of Empire

Ruwedel, Mark. Westward the Course of Empire (Yale University Art Gallery). Yale University Press, 2008. ISBN: 9780300141344. Factory sealed. Like New. Hardcover. (#31033)

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This stunning book presents more than 70 prints from Ruwedel’s ongoing series Westward the Course of Empire, an inventory of the residual landforms created by the scores of railroads built in the American and Canadian West since 1869.

Black-and-white illustrations. Measures 13.75×11 inches.