NIGHTINGALE, CH: Segregation: A Global History of Divided Cities

Nightingale, Carl H. Segregation: A Global History of Divided Cities (Historical Studies of Urban America). University of Chicago Press, 2012. ISBN: 9780226580746. Unmarked text. Like New in very good dust jacket. Hardcover. (#30738) $24.00

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This global perspective adds to our understanding of how cities became and are sites of segregation and exclusion since the 18th century. Extends from urban Africa and Asia to the cities of the Americas and Europe, linking themes such as empire, migration and racialization to his analysis of place and space. Cities include Johannesburg, Calcutta, Chicago, and others.

Measures 6×9 inches. 536p. 42 halftones.

BROWN, C: Great Qing: Painting in China, 1644-1911

Brown, Claudia. Great Qing: Painting in China, 1644-1911. University of Washington Press, 2020. ISBN: 9780295747231. Unmarked text. Nick on cover, otherwise like new. Very Good. Paperback. (#30729) $52.00

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A China Program Book. 336p. Notes. Bibliography. Glossary-Index. Measures 7×10 inches.

With more than two hundred color illustrations, Great Qing highlights fine examples of Qing painting in American museums, works from all regions of China, and paintings by women.

ALLEN, J: Designer’s Guide to Japanese Patterns 2

Allen, Jeanne. Designer’s Guide to Japanese Patterns 2. Chronicle Books, 1988. ISBN: 0877015430. Unmarked. Very Good. Paperback. (#30717)

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Contains 141 traditional patterns from Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868), considered by many to be the most creative period in Japanese art and culture. Includes wickerwork plaid, Streams and Plover, Chinese Phoenix, Birds on Waves, and more. This edition by Jeanne Allen draws on the original book concept by Takashi Katano.

Beautifully illustrated in color and black-and-white. French flaps. 132p. Glossary. Bibliography. Measures 6×8.5 inches.