JEREB, JF: Arts and Crafts of Morocco (Arts & Crafts)

Jereb, James F. Arts and Crafts of Morocco (Arts & Crafts). Thames and Hudson, 1995. ISBN: 9780500278307. Unmarked. Very Good. Paperback. (#31455) $14.00

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This in-depth study is made complete with guidance on Moroccan arts and crafts from expert collectors and a revealing analysis of the belief systems, festivals, and ceremonies that inform the predominant techniques and visual motifs of Moroccan art.

Superbly presented with more than 200 illustrations, 151 in color. Glossary. Map. Index. Bibliography. Measures 8.75×10 inches.

MITCHELL, RC: African Primal Religions (Major World Religions)

Mitchell, Robert Cameron. African Primal Religions (Major World Religions). Argus Communications, 1977. ISBN: 0913592978. Unmarked text. Very Good. Paperback. (#31443) $12.00

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This book explores the traditional religions of Africa as they were prior to contact with Islam or the West. 100p. Notes. Suggest readings. Glossary. Illustrations and map.

Lain in pamphlet with study questions and activities.

JAMES, TGH: Egyptian Painting and Sculpture (2 books)

James, T. G. H. Egyptian Painting and Sculpture (2 books). British Museum, 1989. Unmarked text. Good. Paperback. (#31279) $14.00

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Two profusely illustrated books on Egyptian Art, with plans and descriptive information about the British Museum collections.

(1) Egyptian Painting, ISBN 0714120383, 72p. 1989 edition

(2) Egyptian Sculpture ISBN 0714120219, 1989 edition. Crease on cover and soiled edge, 72p. Both books measure 8.5 inches square.