BRIDGMAN, GB: Drawing the Draped Figure (The Seven Laws of Folds)

Bridgman, George B. Drawing the Draped Figure (The Seven Laws of Folds). Dover Publications, Inc., 2001. ISBN: 0486418022. Unmarked text. Very Good. Paperback. (#31286) $12.00

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In this book, students learn the characteristics of seven different kinds of folds and how to render them, including pipe, zigzag, spiral, half-lock, diaper pattern, drop, and inert folds. Mastery of these principles is the key to realistic portrayal of garments. The straightforward, easy-to-follow text is illustrated by the author’s own pencil sketches and diagrams. 200 black-and-white illustrations. Originally published in 1942 as The Seven Laws of Folds.

Title in the Dover Anatomy for Artists series. 64p.