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Robert Rauschenberg: The Fulton Street Studio 1953-1954, inside plateCrow, Thomas. Robert Rauschenberg: The Fulton Street Studio 1953-1954. New York: Craig F. Starr Gallery, 2015. ISBN: 9780989459044. Unmarked. Dust jacket over paperback. Very Good in very good dust jacket. Paperback. (#28835) $24.00

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The exhibition focused on a particularly vital and productive moment in Robert Rauschenberg’s career. Between the spring of 1953 and the end of 1954, he occupied a studio on Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan, where he produced some of his most varied and radical work: his last series of black paintings; his Elemental Sculptures and paintings; a suite of Gold Paintings; and a series of Red Paintings. Exhibition checklist.

Beautiful plates. Catalog for April 4-May 23, 2014 exhibition. 40p. Measures 7×9 inches.

Artwork by Amy Ione

Art by Amy Ione, 4 images