BRODY, J: The Print Collector’s Newsletter (Volume XXI, Issues 1-6, 1990-1991)

The Print Collector's Newsletter (Volume XXI, Issues 1-6, 1990-1991), coverBrody, Jacqueline (editor). The Print Collector’s Newsletter (Volume XXI, Issues 1-6, 1990-1991). Print Collector’s Newsletter, Inc., 1990. Unmarked. Illustrated. Issued with 3-holes punched and collected in standard blue binder. 248p. Very Good. Unbound in Binder. (#26164) $125.00

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6 issues (March-April 1990, May-June 1990, July-August 1990, September-October 1990, November-December 1990, January-February 1991).

Articles on Paul Strand, Christopher Wool, Minimal Prints, Galka Scheyer, Rembrandt, David Storey, Samuel Butler, Brodsky and Utkin, Barbara Ess, John Walsh, Julius Held, William Eggleston, Grotesque Photography, and more. Interviews with Robert Gober and Barbara Bloom.