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Modern Art and America: Alfred Stieglitz and His New York Galleries

Catalog for an exhibition that focused on the role of photographer Alfred Stieglitz as a promoter of modern art in the United States.

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Albrecht Durer:
Master Drawings, Watercolors, and Prints from the Albertina Paintings 1960-2000

Unmarked. Still in publisher's shrink-wrap. Slight corner bump. Beautifully reproduced. Measures 10x12 inches. Catalog of a National Gallery, Washington DC exhibition.

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Diatrope Books specializes in used academic and museum publications. Search our inventory through Bookzangle: Click here to search.


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Parallel Alices: Alice Through the Looking Glass of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Christopher Tyler.

About the Book:
One of the best-loved and most scrutinized texts after Shakespeare and the Bible is the brace of Alice books, Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, written for a pair of real Alices by the pseudonymous Lewis Carroll; it would seem implausible that there is any aspect of them left unexamined. Yet there is one large-scale motif running through the two books that has essentially escaped critical attention - the pervasive mediaeval theme. It is remarkable that there seem to have been no previous suggestions for the sources of what is really the main context of the Alice stories, the mediaeval temperament of many of the characters. Much has been made of the Victorian underpinnings of the tales, and they have been analyzed from an impressively diverse range of perspectives. But, for some curious reason, the issue of the deep historical sources of the story lines seems never to have been addressed in the plethora of analyses of the works. How it could have escaped scrutiny, given the prevalence of the mediaeval themes throughout both texts, is difficult to understand, but the present treatment attempts to correct this omission with an extended comparison of numerous aspects of the sequences of events to those of the 12th century royal courts, in particular.

About the Author:
Christopher Tyler is an English visual neuroscientist based in San Francisco with extensive interests in the historical development of ideas. His scientific work is focused on the understanding of the human perception of the third dimension, but has ranged from the dynamics of color vision to the diagnosis of medical disorders of the visual system. He stumbled onto the issue of the parallel history of the Alice stories through an investigation of the role of women in the European intellectual lineage, such as the founding of universities.

Cloth (with dust jacket): 170 pages. Over 100 colour illustrations. Glossary, timelines, annotated bibliography, index. ISBN: 10: 0-9725330-4-4; 13: 978-0-9725330-4-1

Paperback (colour): 144 pages. Over 100 colour illustrations. Bibliography, index. ISBN: 10: 0-9725330-8-7; 13: 978-0-9725330-8-9

Paperback (monochrome): 170 pages. Over 100 monochrome illustrations. Glossary, timelines, annotated bibliography, index. ISBN: 10: 0-9725330-9-5; 13: 978-0-9725330-9-6

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